Rotating skyscraper - one of the world's miracle

Among the many unique objects of Dubai, which are famous for the UAE, special attention of tourists is caused by a rotating skyscraper. This tower is known all over the world as the Dynamic Tower. The author of this amazing project is the world-famous Italian architect David Fisher.

The construction of this building consists of 80 floors, the building height is 420 meters. Amazing is that all 80 floors of the original building can independently rotate 360 degrees. The building will also feature wind turbines positioned horizontally between each floor which will allow it to be completely self-powered.

According to the project of the tower, the building will have numerous pools, gardens and even elevators for lifting cars directly to the owners' apartments! This construction is the first in its likeness in the whole world. The amount of investment in this project is approximately $ 700 million.

This design will always look especially, each time surprising everyone around. Just imagine that you can enjoy the sunrise, waking up in the morning in your bed and having dinner overlooking the ocean, admiring the beautiful sunset.