The most unusual boiler house in the world

Heating and water supply of any engineering facility is a rather complicated process. The design of boiler houses is one of the most important factors.

As such, there is no plan for facility’s construction. Everything is developed taking into account the wishes of the customer and in accordance with the norms and rules of the current legislation, that's why design and construction of the boiler houses must be trusted to professionals.

At first sight, it is impossible to apply the adjective "the most beautiful" to the boiler houses. But the Spittelau boiler house in Vienna proves the opposite. Looking at the building of the boiler house outside, it is difficult to guess what is in it. This boiler house was built in 1971 on the banks of the Danube Canal and became the second most powerful heat producer in Vienna. Until 1987, the Spittelau boiler house was not particularly beautiful until a fire broke out, after which the owners of the boiler house were forced to think about its appearance. Reconstruction of the boiler-house lasted from 1988 to 1992, and the project was designed by the architect Friedrich Shtovasser. The result of the reconstruction of the boiler house was the harmonious symbiosis of art, technology and ecology. Now the boiler house - it is part of the urban landscape and a popular tourist attraction in Vienna. Fuel to generate heat in the boiler house is also non-standard - it's rubbish and waste of city life. Heat for 60,000 apartments in Vienna is obtaining by burning garbage