Olimpic Village

«Profmont» ltd, being one of the leading engineering companies of Armenia, realized the construction of engineering systems in the sport center of the Armenian National Olympic Committee called «Olympavan».

 «Olympavan» is the largest sport center in Armenia, which occupies about 7500 square meters. The center consists of:

  • Administrative building,
  • Sport center constructed for the preparation of national teams of wrestling, judo, taekwondo, boxing and weightlifting,
  • Building for the swimming pool and playing hall,
  • Hotel complex for 350 sportsmen.

The center includes also meeting and press-conference halls, restaurant with special menu and café for visitors.

The construction works by our company started in 2014 and ended in 2016. During that period we conducted:

  1. Design of engineering systems of the center,
  2. Construction of heating and cooling systems,
  3. Ventilation and conditioning systems,
  4. Construction of water supply and drainage systems,
  5. Construction of chillers and pump stations,
  6. Import and assembly of sanitary equipment.

«Profmont» also provides 24-hour maintenance of the center.